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ABC Problem Solving

What you will learn


Employees are often acknowledged as the most important asset in any business. With their knowledge and hands-on experience, they could probably solve most of the problems in a typical business, if they were asked and became involved. Yet, most training in problem solving focuses on middle to senior management. The BMGI ABC Problem Solving Course provides just the framework needed to engage employees through a structured approach, applying selected tools that enable everyone to contribute to solving their company’s problems.

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I was equipped with a specific approach to problem solving; I feel ready to tackle the working world now!

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Overview Continued: 

Effective problem solving and performance improvement require energy, commitment and ongoing involvement. In order to effectively lead a continuous improvement effort, you need to plan, drive, facilitate and sustain it over time. BMGI’s ABC Problem Solving Course helps to remove the complexity from problem solving processes and shows you how to keep moving forward. Our various problem solving techniques include simulations and games that make for a relaxed environment.

This course encourages people to talk to one another, to face challenges head on and to work together as a team. You will focus on processes and how process problems may be identified, interpreted and solved. We will arm you with the basic problem solving tools vital to ensure efficient work processes and continued organisational growth.

What is this course?: 

Designing solutions in the most efficient and least expensive manner possible-always with a strong emphasis on people, objectivity, insight and insourcing.

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Learning Objectives: 

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of problem solving.
  • Understand the importance of the “voice of the customer”.
  • Identify and specify what the problem is.
  • Comprehend the 10 problem solving tools.
  • Clearly define and scope a problem.
  • Identify the correct process metric.
  • Conduct a process mapping event.
  • Run simulations and do waste analysis.
  • Understand data and do trend analysis.
  • Complete a risk analysis by identifying potential failure modes.
  • Effectively brainstorm solutions.
  • Control and monitor a process.
  • Apply the BMGI Problem Solving Roadmap.

How you will learn

How you will learn: 


You’ll learn about the details of problem solving in a focused workshop environment—complete with interactive lectures, group exercises, dynamic simulations and individualised mentoring on real data sets and projects that students bring to class from their organisations.

BMGI expert instructors are interesting and engaging, transferring knowledge from a thorough and deep set of course content—always challenging participants to extract the most value from their experience. In addition, course content and examples are tailored to the composition of each class, teaching more transactional concepts and practices to bankers, or leading a factory-based simulation for a group of students from a steel mill. In any case, the instructor will deviate from the standard curriculum when necessary to meet the individual needs of participants.

Finally, portions of the workshop are dedicated to facilitating peer-to-peer learning as professionals share their unique perspectives, problems, projects, data and experience.

Course Length: 

4 consecutive days

Classroom Cost: 

R18 099.00 (Excl VAT) per person

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ABC Problem Solving

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On-Site Training

We offer this course on-site at our clients’ request, to larger groups which makes this a very cost-effective alternative. This has the added benefit of creating greater impact on the business in a shorter period of time and fast-track results that influence the bottom line.

Appropriate for?: 
  • Anyone with a problem they haven’t satisfactorily resolved.
  • Designers, engineers, R&D professionals and managers involved in product development or process-based problem solving.
  • Those from companies that want to accelerate problem solving and streamline the innovation process.
Course At A Glance: 
  • A pre-defined, real business problem.
  • A team of people who have an interest in solving the problem.
  • A group that can apply a structured approach to solving business problems.
  • An ability to take the learnings from this course and apply them to other business problems.
  • A complete and practical overview of the problem solving process.
  • Quick identification of the root cause of daily problems.
  • Rapid solutions to everyday problems.
  • Skills to prevent the same problem from occuring.
  • An investment in your human capital.
Course Length

4 days of structured training tackling real pre-selected business problems.


R18 099.00 (Excl VAT) per person

Course includes
  • A BMGI Problem Solving Template.
  • All course materials printed and in a binder.

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